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🚫 Bitcoin ETFs Still Blocked in South Africa

**Regulations Hinder Crypto Adoption** South Africa's financial landscape remains unwelcoming to Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) due to strict regulations. Kyle Hulett of Sygnia Investments explains that current laws prohibit listing

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Regulation Stories

SEC to Close Salt Lake City Office: Fallout from DEBT Box Case

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will close its Salt Lake

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Argentina Leaps Forward with Virtual Assets Service Provider Registry

In a significant move, Argentina has launched its Virtual Assets Service Providers

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Navigating the Crypto Craze: Nigeria’s Approach to Digital Currencies

💡 **Cryptocurrency Simplified:** Cryptocurrency is a digital representation of value, acting as

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Cryptocurrency in Nigeria: A Path to Effective Management

Understanding Cryptocurrency * Digital representation of value or right * Transferred and

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FTX’s $885 Million Settlement with IRS

🤔 FTX, the bankrupt crypto exchange, has reached a settlement with the

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💸 Monochrome launches the first Australian ETF to hold crypto assets directly

The new ETF, launched by Monochrome Asset Management, is the first in

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SEC Ordered to Pay $1.8M in Debt Box Case

A U.S. judge has ordered the SEC to pay $1.8 million to

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John Deaton Calls for SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s Resignation

(, a prominent pro-XRP attorney, has demanded the resignation of US Securities

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# El Salvador # Bitcoin Regulation # Crypto Cooperation

The leaders of the Argentine Securities Commission, Roberto E. Silva and Patricia

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Nigerian Senate Calls for Cryptocurrency Regulation, Emphasizing Investor Protection and Economic Benefits

Regulating Cryptocurrency Trading in Nigeria The Senate Committee on Capital Markets has

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Uniswap’s Legal Battle with the SEC

Uniswap Labs, the company behind the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap, has responded

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Jian Wen Should Have Known She Was Dealing with Criminal Property

Jian Wen was sentenced on Friday for dealing with criminal property. The

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