Robinhood’s Blockchain Ambitions

Robinhood, the popular trading platform, is looking to integrate blockchain technology more deeply into its operations. The company's top crypto executive, Johann Kerbrat, has stated that they plan to use blockchain to power more features and services. He sees potential in tokenizing real-world ...

Crypto Market Update: Litecoin, PEPE, and BlockDAG

The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, with some projects experiencing significant growth while others are navigating challenges. Let's take a look at some recent developments that are shaping the landscape. Litecoin's Community Engagement Climbs Litecoin has seen a surge in ...

Music On-Chain: 5 Projects Revolutionizing the Industry

The music industry is ripe for disruption. Traditional models, dominated by Big Tech and record labels, often leave artists with a small share of the profits. Blockchain technology, however, offers a path towards a more equitable and decentralized future for musicians. By moving on-chain, ...

State Street Corp.  Explores Blockchain

State Street Corp., a major player in the financial services world, is diving deeper into the world of blockchain. The company is looking into using blockchain technology for payments, exploring both **stablecoins** and **deposit tokens**. This move shows that traditional finance is embracing ...

Crypto Market Update: Toncoin, Mantle, and BlockDAG

The crypto market is buzzing with activity, with projects like Toncoin, Mantle, and BlockDAG making waves. Let's break down what's happening with these projects. Toncoin's Resilience Toncoin has shown resilience in the face of recent price fluctuations, even surpassing its peak price of $8.30. ...

Ethereum, DAI, and the Rise of BlockDAG

The crypto market continues to be a dynamic space with various players vying for attention. Ethereum, a leading cryptocurrency platform, is experiencing renewed interest, as evidenced by institutional investors and whales making significant purchases. Meanwhile, Dai, a stablecoin pegged to the US ...

Crypto Exchange WazirX Suffers Major Security Breach

WazirX, a major Indian crypto exchange, has confirmed that it was the victim of a security breach on Thursday, with approximately $230 million in assets being "suspiciously transferred" out of the platform. The breach involved a multisig wallet, which requires multiple private keys for ...

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